Robotic Process Automation RPA

What IArobot can do
Automatic operation of a series of business processes, instead of manpower to complete a large number of manual operations
Data capture and input
Mail Task
File processing
Identification of verification codes, tickets, etc
Cross-systems and across applications
Rule matching
Timiming Task
RPA deployment architecture

Responsible for providing convenient methods and interface, providing convenient and detailed instructions for the robot, as the task that the robot performs, and publishing the instructions in controller.

Assign work tasks to each robot, and be responsible for the supervision, management and control of the work process

Deployment and software robots performing specific tasks to execute designer design processes and interact with the controller.
Visual Process Designer
1. Easy to use drag and drop control, even business personnel can easily achieve business logic.
2. Simple recording process, reduce the error caused by manual programming.
3. The introduction of pre compiled process helps you to make your automation process faster and simpler.
Robot Manager — Controller
Process controller is the core of automation management, and it is a robot manager:
    ·   Release process
    ·   Start and stop the robot
    ·   Monitoring and tracking process
    ·   Set timing task
Cross System Collaboration
Through data integration, we can get through the data isolated island between systems and realize the end-to-end automation.
Agile response to the automation needs of each business line, flexible use of cross platform, cross terminal front-end systems and interfaces.

Finance And Taxation
Manufacturing Enterprise
Customer Management
Financial RPA Cases
Enterprise Bank Reconciliation Robot
MES System Repair Report Entry
Batch Input Of Equipment Information In MES System
Wechat Group Sending
CRM System Input
RPA Service Case
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