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The staff of this position can be replaced to reduce the human cost

High accuracy, can be carried out 24 hours a day

Background real-time monitoring of running status, real-time alarm of abnormal conditions

There are tens of thousands of customers in a company. The financial staff will receive PDF bill information from customers every day and import part of the bill information into excel. These work involves many platforms, such as outlook, PDF, Excel and so on. There are a lot of cross system operation and data processing. At present, it is carried out manually, arranging full-time staff to get PDF from e-mail every day and then import it into excel, which has high repeatability and low technical content.

Robot process automation (RPA) is the core infrastructure of enterprise automation. It can automatically execute the business process by simulating human interaction in the software system, so as to improve work efficiency and reduce labor costs.

Our company's RPA products and solutions not only have high accuracy, but also can realize 7x24 hour all-weather automatic operation, so that the staff can be liberated from the repetitive and tedious daily work, and reduce the operation cost of the enterprise.



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